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One of the ways we define ourselves as a company is pride in the simplicity of our process. Here’s how it works:

We charge an exceptionally competitive flat rate of $500 for a four-hour event, arriving 30 minutes in advance to set up. We’ll bashfully ask for half of that sum when you decide to hire us, and the second half on the day of your event. We know everyone's needs are a little different, so we're also flexible. If you need extended hours, music at more than one site or other special accommodations, we're happy to provide a custom quote.

Another thing we pride ourselves on is being easy to get along with. We know what gets people going, music-wise, but if your guests prefer more polka music than we’re likely to play, or more bluegrass death metal acid jazz fusion, we'll adjust our playlists accordingly.To that end, way before your event, we'll sit down with you to talk music — and yes, whoever you sit down with will be hosting your actual event.

We'll quiz you on your favorite genres, your favorite artists in those genres and your favorite songs by those artists. We'll figure out which songs you absolutely HAVE to hear and which you refuse to hear, even if Uncle Randy requests it 14 times. We'll figure out how you feel about line dances — is the Macarena in or out? The Electric Slide? The Cupid Shuffle? We'll ask you questions you haven't even THOUGHT about yet. It's even better than planning the playlist yourself, because we'll use our professional judgment to gauge the party's flow, transition smoothly between songs and take requests on the fly while you're busy popping and locking.


For you audiophiles out there: Our equipment is a compact but powerful Harbinger HA60 PA system – with Proline LST2BK speaker stands for better projection across crowded rooms. We have a wired microphone for our own use, but we’ll also bring a pair of Nady wireless mics that you or your guests are welcome to borrow for toasts ... unless it's Uncle Randy again. Our turntables are virtual, and all of our music is digitally stored and accessible with the touch of a button.

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