Quick & Easy DJs: reliable, punctual, hygienic, clairvoyant

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Problem: The band you hired for your party came down with laryngitis.
(The whole band? Yes indeed.)
Solution: The Quick and Easy DJs.

Problem: That guy you knew in college who offered to DJ your company picnic for free just flaked out at the last minute.
Solution:The Quick and Easy DJs.

Problem: YOUR ONLY JOB was to find a DJ and you blew it. Your fiancée is furious, and you need a quick fix.
Solution: The Super-Quick and Very-Easy DJs.

Here's the deal. We're two competent, attractive, well-groomed and punctual professionals in our twenties. We've got the requisite sound equipment to show your wedding reception, school dance, block party or other family-friendly event an incredibly swell time, and an expansive collection of groovy tunes.

"Well, you seem competent and attractive, but what's the next step? How does it work?"



  making good parties great throughout the greater richmond area
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